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New Agility Partner

Beckon Me Now Kateland - September 6, 2019

Kate is the latest addition to the family. She is a feisty little sheltie who loves to engage with her people. She is showing early signs of being incredibly athletic. She is also very smart, sometimes too smart which may make her a challenge to train. She learns quickly, but doens't like constant repetition. Almost as if to say, I've got it already - can we move on?

Currently standing at 14 inches, I am praying she stays under 15 so we can jump 12".

Meet The Team

2019 - 6th Cdn Champ

2018 - 4th Cdn Champ

2016 - 4th Cdn Champ

The newest team member. Hopes of becoming my next agility partner.

Smooth Coated Collie, super herder and agility dog - not competing

Rough Collie, rescue - Bazyl's therapy dog

About Me

I am an avid agility participant with my sheltie Maggie. My blogs are a snapshot in time that capture my feelings, ideas about training and competing in the fun sport of dog agility.


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