Bazyl "Blueharvest Working Class Hero"

Bazyl is a smooth coated collie, born on October 22, 2013.

Bazyl was to be my next agility partner. Unfortunately Bazyl started having seizures as a puppy at 8 month old. He was labelled epileptic and we had to make the decision he could not compete. The over stimulation at Trials was causing him to have seizures during the night following. I tried him at herding, which he absolutely adored, and was phenomenal at. Unfortunately, again the over stimulation caused seizures the following night.

Bazyl can gamble any course from more than 30 feet away. He is fast and brilliant. So, we have fun and train at home. The only obstacle that Bazyl struggles with is weaves. I often wonder whether he can actually see the weaves properly.


Shortly after Bazyl turned 5, he started having multiple seizures. We increased his levels of phenobarbytol without success. He was boarding for a week when he must have had a seizure and, because I was not there to lie on top of him and keep him from thrashing, he ended up with a twisted gut. As a result of this incident, I took him to see a neurologist, paid the $10,000 for an MRI only to find out that Bazyl had a cyst the size of a walnut at the base of his brain where the spinal cord attaches. Unfortunately there really isn't a cure for this. Surgery is not recommended because of the proximity to his spinal cord. Even with surgery, there is no guarantee the seizure would stop. So, Bazyl now lives a peaceful fun life on the Farm. We try to reduce any chance of him being over stimulated. We no longer board the "kids", we have an incredible pet sitter who comes and stays at the Farm when we travel.

I love Bazyl to bits, he is a funny goofy lovable boy who sleeps wedged against me every night.  

Looking calm - he isn't - 95 lbs of oure