Duke - A gentle giant

In December 2016, we lost my heart dog, Bear an oversize sable Sheltie, measuring 21.5 inches. It wasn't until January, when I went to compete with Maggie at an Absolute Agility Trial that we realized we couldn't leave Bazyl alone. As luck would have it, a post came through on Facebook for adoption of a rough coat collie that was the spitting image of Bear. When I mentioned it to Rick he was adamant that we were getting a sheltie puppy and we should stick with 3 dogs. The post came up again a few weeks later, shared by a friend. I knew we had to consider "Duke"...when Rick got home I showed him the picture. He agreed that Duke looked exactly like Bear and we should try and get him. 

Duke's adoption portrait

Bear my first agility partner

Taking Maggie and Bazyl with me, I went to see Duke to make sure he and our fur kids would get along and it was going to be the right fit. I fell in love with Duke at first sight. He not only looked like Bear, it was as if he was channeling his spirit. 

I agreed that I would come back and pick him up a couple of days later. Both Maggie and Bazyl were smitten. 

When I brought Duke back to the Farm it was as if he was finally home. He fit into the family from day one. He and Bazyl absolutely adore each other. I think Maggie actually thinks that Duke is Bear. She goes and herds him in whenever I call him, something she only ever did with Bear. We are so happy to have a perfect threesome...soon to add a fourth with a new sheltie pup in the Fall of 2019

About Me

I am an avid agility participant with my sheltie Maggie. My blogs are a snapshot in time that capture my feelings, ideas about training and competing in the fun sport of dog agility.


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