Duke - A gentle giant

In December 2016, we lost my heart dog, Bear an oversize sable Sheltie, measuring 21.5 inches. It wasn't until January, when I went to compete with Maggie at an Absolute Agility Trial that we realized we couldn't leave Bazyl alone. As luck would have it, a post came through on Facebook for adoption of a rough coat collie that was the spitting image of Bear. When I mentioned it to Rick he was adamant that we were getting a sheltie puppy and we should stick with 3 dogs. The post came up again a few weeks later, shared by a friend. I knew we had to consider "Duke"...when Rick got home I showed him the picture. He agreed that Duke looked exactly like Bear and we should try and get him. 

And now Duke, Bazyl, Maggie, Rick and I

Duke's adoption portrait


Bear my first agility partner

Taking Maggie and Bazyl with me, I went to see Duke to make sure he and our fur kids would get along and it was going to be the right fit. I fell in love with Duke at first sight. He not only looked like Bear, it was as if he was channeling his spirit. 

I agreed that I would come back and pick him up a couple of days later. Both Maggie and Bazyl were smitten. 

When I brought Duke back to the Farm it was as if he was finally home. He fit into the family from day one. He and Bazyl absolutely adore each other. I think Maggie actually thinks that Duke is Bear. She goes and herds him in whenever I call him, something she only ever did with Bear. We are so happy to have a perfect threesome...soon to add a fourth with a new sheltie pup in the Fall of 2019