Maggie (Rickfield Farm's Magpie)

Maggie is a Rythm Kennel Shetland Sheepdog. She stands 15.75 inches high at the shoulder.

Born on May 22, 2009

Maggie has 15 titles: Agility Dog Canada (ADC-2011); Starter Games Dog Canada (SGDC-20015); Advanced Agility Dog Canada (AADC-2015); Master Steeplechase Dog Canada (MSCDC-2015); Advanced Games Dog Canada (AGDC-2016); Master Agility Dog Canada (MADC-2016); Master Gamble Dog Canada (MGDC-2016); Master Snooker Dog Canada (MSDC-2016); Master Jumper Dog Canada (MJDC-2016); Agility Trial Champion of Canada (ATChC-2016); Expert Bronze Standard (EXStBronze-2017); Expert Bronze Gambler (EXG-2017); Expert Bronze Snooker (EXS-2017); Bronze Versatility (VBA-2017); Expert Bronze Jumper (EXJ-2018)

Ontario Championships

2016 - placed 10th (396.22 pts) - Qualified for Nationals

2017 - placed 2nd (513.42 pts) - Qualified for Nationals

2018 - placed 4th (439.69 pts) - Qualified for Nationals

2019 - Placed 4th (396.6 pts) - Qualified for Nationals

National Championships

2016 - placed 4th (563.72 pts)

2017 - Qualified but did not attend - held in BC

2018 - placed 4th (532.70 pts)

2019 - placed 6th (513.69)

Maggie competing at 2018 Nationals

Placed 4th overall

About Me

I am an avid agility participant with my sheltie Maggie. My blogs are a snapshot in time that capture my feelings, ideas about training and competing in the fun sport of dog agility.


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