AAC National Championships 2020 Cancelled

Last week amid all of the dire news about the Covid-19 pandemic, members of the AAC received the news that the National Championships to be held at Spruce Meadows this year were cancelled. I extend my thanks to all of the volunteers who must have spent countless hours trying to get ready for this event. I know how hard it must have been for the organizing committee and the AAC to make this decision.

I am sure that it was the right one. We all are living in a state of anxiety, concern and in some cases fear about how this pandemic will play out. Social distancing will be the norm for months to come according to most of the scientists.

Sadly for many, like myself and my partner Maggie, some may not know if their dogs will be there to play with them next year. I take heart in the fact that Maggie, who will be 11 in May, is healthier as a result of a lighter season. She isn't sore and she is keeping herself uber fit by chasing as many squirrels as she can. Our six month old puppy Kate is certainly adding to her daily exercise routine.

To all of my agility friends and furry companions, #staysafe, #stayhome and cuddle your "kids". We will get through this. Take care.

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