Plans for AAC National Agility Championships

In the event that Maggie and I are lucky enough to qualify for Nationals, we have made the decision that I will drive. This will be an arduous adventure for Maggie and I. The round trip will take 84 hours. It is far better than putting Maggie through the stress of flying, I am not sure how I will fare with 12 hour drives over 4 days.

Now my biggest challenges will be to keep Maggie, who turns 11 in May, sound and that she qualifies at the Ontario East Regional Championships.

Last year was Maggie's year to take 1st place at Regionals. Some very bad handling on my part had her finishing in 4th place. Not an auspicious way to go into Nationals.

But my little girl never disappoints. She ran her heart out for me at Nationals and came 6th behind some very stiff competition.

Follow us on our road to Nationals 2020 in Spruce Meadows!

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